Local car detailer takes talents from cars in Winnipeg to JFK's Air Force One

Cris Aquino part of volunteer group who spent week restoring planes at Seattle’s Museum of Flight

“Because we’re preserving priceless history, so there’s overwhelming anxiety that I hope I’m the right person to take care of the planes,” he said.

“I was more nervous than excited.”

In addition to working on the first Air Force One jet, Aquino also got to work on the B29 Super Fortress, a propeller-driven heavy bomber from the Second World War.

“The caretaker started doing demos on how the guns work and they tell you how many missions the plane did, it was like man, this plane went on that mission and now I’m detailing it. it’s just goosebumps,” he said.

“I was honoured to preserve that plane and also hearing the story of the pilots who were in it, being part of that, I was speechless.”

Ted Huetter, the senior manager of public relations and promotions for the museum, said the volunteers’ work makes a huge difference.

“Just imagine how much it would cost to try to hire these people. It’s way beyond our normal budget for maintenance,” he said.

“To do one of them in a week is astonishing. But to even attempt to do, let’s say, half a dozen of them, is remarkable.”

Aquino says he’s hoping to go back again next year, and that his experience shows that even a small business from Manitoba can accomplish big things.

Dr. Shine Auto Spa is honoured and grateful to be selected member of the Air Force One Detailing Team 2018. Our first year to get invited to join the most elite team in the detailing industry. Stay tuned!


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Our new headquarters in Winnipeg, MB, is now centered to better support railroads across Canada.

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Main reason why interior cleaning and sanitation is a must.

Throughout the day, we step on things like bird droppings, dog waste and public bathroom floors, which are sources of E. coli. You also step on leaves and debris, which all feed the bacteria on your shoes. Even cautious people end up stepping on these items, as they can’t always keep an eye on what’s exactly in front of them, and sometimes the visible evidence of these items has been removed, but the bacteria remains. Chemicals that you use on your lawn could also get from your shoes to your interior carpet.
E. coli can lead to diarrhea, intestinal problems, and even meningitis, but that’s just 1 type of bacteria contracted from shoes. There are on average 421,000 different types of bacteria on shoes. And those bacteria transfer from your shoes into your vehicle at a rate of 90 to 99 percent. Multiple studies have proved this statistic. And it gets worse…
Here at Dr. Shine Auto spa, steam cleaning is our preferred method for detailing your interior killing germs, bacteria and microorganisms. Advantage of steam clean is a natural sanitizing and deodorizing agent penetrates surfaces destroys mold spores, germs, viruses, dust mites and bacteria. We also use an all purpose interior product that cleans, Kills 99.9% of bacteria and absorbs odours. Developed in conjunction with the global leader in antibacterial and antimicrobial technology, BioCote®, ensures surfaces remain hygienic and fresh, by actively reducing the number of microbes.
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